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Chocolate Terrace

Chocolate fountains of  New York


Champagne fountain rental,  Manhattan look
and Bright New York style!

Champagne fountain rental is here!  

New York Chocolate fondue fountains & Champagne fountains rental

The Best of New York Champagne fountain rent is here! Choose one of our brilliant bright Silver of Golden Champagne fountain rental. Weddings, Birthday parties, Baby showers, Corporate events and much more!

Rent our one of a kind Manhattan style Cotton Candy Bubble Bar package and make your event special! Having a party and serving your guests with Champagne? Check our champagne fountain & cotton candy machine entertainment! Your guests are filling their champagne flute glasses and our attendant is making a cotton candy topping! Sparkling champagne bubbles and sweet cotton candy clouds on top! Does it look cool? Yes, it does! CHOCOLATE TERRACE professional attendant will set up Silver or Golden color champagne fountain, serve you with the best cotton candy possible at your event, be there to ensure brilliant service and safety, and take it all down at the end of the rental period.

Go golden champagne fountain and cotton candy! Make your event Bright!


Our "Cotton Candy Bubble Bar"  works great for Sweet 16`s & Quinceaneras!   

Sprite, Dr.Pepper, Cola, any Soda can be used with our Champagne fountain! Totally alcohol free, flute glasses filled up full with the cotton candy topping welcoming your Sweet16 & Quinceanera guests! Sweet 16`s and Quinceaneras are our favourites and we LOVE it!

Be the Best!

Booking your Champagne fountain is easy!  Here you can hire Champagne fountain online just in two clicks. Choose one of our Champagne fountain package listed below, add it to your cart, check out and "Voila it is done!"


Count on our Discount: Get your champagne fountain rent, make a deposit online through our webstore and get $10 additional discount on the rest of the balance!

Call us at 718-682-1991 and get your Champagne fountain delivered for Weddings, Birthdays, Baby showers, Pool parties. Rent Silver or Golden Champagne fountain for Corporate Events in New York, Employees appreciations, Award Ceremonies, Christmas Parties etc.
We provide Champagne fountain rent for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.