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Chocolate Terrace

Chocolate fountains of  New York


Premium chocolate, Best in-class chocolate fountain rent and Bright Bright New York style!


for New York & Atlantic City


New York Chocolate fondue fountains & Ice Cream Sundae

Hi, I am Konstantin  form Chocolate Terrace INC!


 I appreciate your visit! Saving your time I`ll be brief: you can rent Chocolate Fondue Fountains with us  and we are professionals.

          With the experience we have, we created the way to present our bright lit up Chocolate Fountains at the Best Night Clubs of  New York. Scroll the pictures and see  how we do it.  

Think BIG!  Think  the benefits!


We are Number One chocolate fondue fountain company at the Night Clubs of New York!

Your benefits:

  1. Style! We do back light on every display. All bright lit up: Fountain, Trays, Displays. Any color!

  2. Small investments per customer!

  3. Higher Revenue as happy customer who had Chocolate Fountain at your venue will make others jealous and drive them to you!

  4. Pictures! Your customers advertise for you! They will make tons of pictures, and post them everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, share in WhatsApp, everywhere! People link your location on their pics.

  5. Word-of-mouth from amazed customers! 


Having us at your Night Club you get:

  1. Attention grabbing Chocolate Fondue Fountain Station!

  2. Fountain, Trays, Displays. All bright lit up. Any color!

  3. Premium quality and High-class look!

  4. Your customers’ “DBL WOW” appreciation!  First of Sight, Second of Taste.


I guarantee:

  1. Best quality chocolate & famous name brand treats!

  2. Professional personnel! 

  3. Quality & Safety!



Additional Low price extras:

  1. Low price add on like Cotton Candy or/& Pop Corn Machines!


Book online or give us a call and  you`ll get  the best brilliant  bright chocolate fountain rent package possible.

Call CHOCOLATE  TERRACE at  718-682-1991  make Night Bright and Lets put your Night club show on the road!

*FREE  Delivery  to all New York City night clubs for any of our chocolate fountain rent package  from  60 people and up!

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