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Romance Under the Stars! Love&Chocolate!

Hi, chocolate New York! Most of the winter holidays are over, but we see some more coming up! Do you remember about Valentine`s Day?

It is a busy-busy chocolate day for us, because of lots of corporate parties, companies which threat their employees as family bring chocolate fountain at Valentine`s party and with CHOCOLATE TERRACE it is almost a must.

Why? Because we are the best chocolate fondue fountain company in New York! We appreciate your business and glad to be a part of your event! Big or small with all chocolate fountain ideas we love you all!

But do you have any plan for this specific day for your loved ones? We know how you can make this 2017 Valentine’s Day in New York special!

Celebrate it at the American Museum if Natural History!

“Romance Under the Stars” celebrate with a unique date night in the Hayden Planetarium! Join for a cocktail hour in the Cullman Hall of the Universe, complete with open bar, hors d’oeuvres, and chocolates, accompanied by the music of the Josh Rutner Quartet. Then join Lydia Maria Petrosino and Ted Williams in the Hayden Planetarium for an unforgettable view of the night sky and some stellar romance stories from the ancient past.

Doesn't it sound like a great romantic plan? Yes! It does!

So make your chocolate fondue plan and your evening romantic plan to match! And Happy upcoming Valentine`s Day New York! We love U!!!


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