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Hey, Irish, non-Irish, want to be Irish!

Hi, New York! Today is another sunny Sunday, isn’t it great? The New York spring…or THE S-P-R-I-N-G is almost here!!! We love warm days, and looks like we have a plan to want to share. St Patrick’s day will be the 17th of March and it will turn us all into Irish. Even our New York chocolate fountains for St Patrick’s day will be Irish!

Look at this genius of marketing they make an Irish Wine & Cheese Pairing Classes on Yacht Manhattan!

March 11th & 25th - Irish Cheese & Wines

• Taste five different wines from a specific region in the world • Artisan cheese matched with the wines of the evening • Learn the basics of tasting in a fun, informative setting • Find out what makes each wine different and unique • Discuss major styles, grape varieties, regions, trends and more

Don't miss this opportunity to swirl, sniff, and taste your way down the Hudson. Relax in our beautifully enclosed solarium for this educational event as we cruise around Manhattan in style.

Each week they will focus on a different region exploring the grapes, styles, soils, viticulture, and tasting techniques that will help you enjoy your wine! These interactive tastings will be conducted by our wine professional Wendy Crispell in a fun, relaxed atmosphere aboard the beautiful yacht Manhattan or Manhattan II. This season's tastings will feature a number of different artisan & farmstead cheeses selected each week to complement the wines of the day. In addition, a selection of dried fruit, nuts and breads will be served to highlight each pairing.

Does it sound like a good plan for a first spring week?

We make green chocolate fountains, Irish style green bright chocolate treats displays, all cool looking with premium only taste! Irish, non-Irish, want to be Irish do not miss the 17th call and book a chocolate fountain for New York, New Jersey and all Tri-State area!

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