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Green Slime chocolate fondue fountain!

Hi, New York!

Today is a sunny day, chilly but it is April and Sweet May is almost here! We all experiencing hard time, but Spring is beautiful as usual! Everyone knows that people enjoy chocolate fondue fountains provided by Chocolate Terrace INC during different events all over New York and New Jersey! This year we provided our 44 inch chocolate fondue fountain at The American International Toy Fair is an annual toy industry trade show held in mid-February in New York City's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center!

This is a professional only show and it is not open for general public. This year it was really impressive! We got a phone call at our office asking us if we were able to provide one of our chocolate fondue fountains at the showbooth. Sure we could do it was the answer! And guess what...Green Slime chocolate fondue was requested!!! We love this kind of changeling!

First of all, we provided our Chocolate fondue fountains at Javits Convention Center in New York multiple times! Besides best quality premium chocolate fondue, once we set the fountain up to be used with traditional Turkish Tahini for a great company from Istanbul Turkey there!

Second we have the experience of making a Green Slime chocolate fondue which we provided by as at Nickelodeon New York Office! And it was a big success! Where else can you get the better recognition of our Premium Green Slime chocolate fondue then right at the Nickelodeon itself? Nowhere! And we did it the best way!

So this time we presented the same high quality hit! A 44 inch tall, 20bl full of premium quality Green Slime Chocolate fondue fountain right at the Center of Manhattan, the Javits Convention Center at the American International Toy Fair!

Ask me why we got a call to do this job? Ask me why full filled this Green Slime chocolate fondue order the best way? Because we are the Chocolate Fondue Fountain Kings of New York! We are the Best!

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