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Back to school chocolate season!

Hi Chocolate New York!

Here are 2023 back to school days again and Chocolate Terrace INC with its chocolate fondue fountains is a part of Back to school season! With our Belgium chocolate fondue all kids and their parents are happy enjoying nice warm sunny days! We provide chocolate fondue fountain stations all over New York and New Jersey and if you have a plan to amaze and please your guests, customers or business partners Chocolate Terrace INC offers is a never loose option – The Chocolate fondue fountain sweet station! Our chocolate fondue fountain stations can be set up indoors and outdoors! Keep in mind to inform us if your event is going to be outdoors and add a wind guard protection to prevent a chocolate disaster! Make it a chocolate fountain not a chocolate fire hose :)

Be happy!

Call Chocolate Terrace INC, rent our chocolate fondue fountains and enjoy the happy days of your summer!

Enjoy our summer and Premium Chocolate fondue!


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