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Chocolate Spring & SWEET16

Hi, Chocolate New York!

Even if it rains today, it is a Spring time! And more colors are around! We wish we have chocolate trees in New York to get a Spring chocolate bar right from the branch just passing by. And what is a Spring time for young ladies? Of course their SWEET16! And for that occasion at Chocolate Terrace we have Cool looking, Giant and Best chocolate fountains available in New York and New Jersey!

Use our CODE: SPRING and get a discount for smart budget chocolate fountain for your SWEET16!

Wait! For SWEET16 we give you even better deal to SAVE YOUR $$$ so you can invest it in marvelous dress, amazing invitation cards or a Limo for your friends!

Call us 7186821991 and tell us you that you nee a Chocolate Fountain for a SWEET 16 and you`ll get it!


Sweey16 new york chocolate fountain rent

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