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$1.99 per person DELIVERED for FREE

Hi New YorkI

It is an Ice cream Monday in New York and it looks like summer is back! They promise us a nice and warm weather this week, and ...90 degrees outside is coming pretty soon! Hot and sunny! Chocolate Terrace has the best recipe for such weather – It`s the ICE-CREAM! We can make any hot day icy fresh bringing you

Premium ice-cream-sundae just of $1,99 per person delivered! Yes, correct – DELIVERED for FREE! So if you have a neighborhood festival, SWEET 15, SWEET 16, WEDDINGS, BAR & BAT MITZVAHS, BABY SHOWERS, BIRTHDAYS and other event we can we make it ICE! Fun! And full of Best Ice-cream available in New York!

Choose an ice-cream-sundae package, choose the flavor and use our traditional Monday Discount Code: “HAPPYMND”!

Get ICE-CREAM-SUNDAE for $1,99 a person DELIVERED for FREE! With Chocolate Terrace only!

Ice-cream-sundae-New-York cheap-price

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