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Rosh Hashana in New York!

Hi Chocolate New York!

Rosh Hashana head of the year is almost here! And you are in New York? Go and visit Rosh Hashana 2016 at The Bitter End in NYC by Sim Shalom Jewish Universalist Synagogue! Join for Rosh Hashana at legendary Bitter End on Bleeker Street in NYC! Featuring Rabbi Blane and a Jazz Quartet and the beautiful music of our High Holidays!

Check Free Rosh Hashanah services in New York City offered by many synagogues. Find a free Rosh HaShanah service that meets your needs, or contact UJA-Federation's J•1•1 Information and Referral Center at 1.877.852.6951

Do we do chocolate for Rosh Hashanah? Yes, we do! You are welcome to rent chocolate fondue fountain for Rosh Hashanah from CHOCOLATE TERRACE! We make any holiday sweet!

Because of the upcoming holidays we put here a short reminder of all good options and DISCOUNTS from CHOCOLATE TERRACE New York!

A) If you need a chocolate fondue fountain at a low price but with premium quality for a small office happy hour, back yard party, small birthday, do not refuse yourself and get our $119,99 chocolate fountain with 6lb of premium chocolate white, milk or dark. Perfect smart-mini chocolate package up to 30 guests. Click HERE

B) ZERO MONEY! FREE Sweet 16 chocolate fountain – Live in New Jersey? Your daughter Sweet 16 is in November 2016? You have a big friendly family? You have all chances to get a FREE chocolate fondue fountain good for 60 guests. We are serious - It is FREE! Click HERE and get the details

C) Do not forget to use our Discount CODES: MEETFALL for a $20 discount with our Chocolate Fountain rent and Ice-cream-sundae hire packages.

Happy Holiday!

Have Fun!

And let us be the head and not the tail!!

Rosh Hashanah in New York City with CHOCOLATE TERRACE

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