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Great BOO in New York!

BOO in New York!

Hi, chocolate New York! It has been a very busy week for CHOCOLATE TERRACE because of all the parties we provided chocolate fondue fountains for, but we love-love-love to be busy as our goal making people happy and their evens sweet! Today in another Monday in New York! But it is a special monday, Halloween Monday, a BOO DAY in the greatest city in the world, in New York!

Do we have plans for October 31st? Yes, we do! We are making two office Halloween happy hours in Manhattan with the 44inch chocolate fountains, cotton candy machines and 20 pounds of deep blue and orange chocolate! After that all CHOCOLATETERRACE will be busy with the HALLOWEEN New York City parade! Yey! You know why? Because we are the BEST chocolate runners in New York!

So come over here tonight! Get dressed BOO style! We meet you at Village Halloween Parade—NYC’s spookiest procession and one of the best Halloween events in Gotham. With over 50,000 zombies, giant puppets! Dress up in your best Halloween costume ideas for New Yorkers (or else you won’t be allowed to march), work on your Halloween makeup ideas and get ready for a ghoulishly good time!

From 7–11pm. The Halloween Parade runs up Sixth Ave from Spring St to 16th St in Manhattan.

Stay BOO! Keep smiling! Love chocolate!

Chocolate BOO in New York City

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