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You know whY? Because we are the BEST!

Hi chocolate New York! Here we are again, making this post during a very short break between our favorite days of the year, the holidays!

We love-love-love holidays, because we are the part of them! And most of the time our premium chocolate fondue fountains and cheese fondue fountains are the major part of the holiday! You know whY? Because we are the BEST!

But guess what? Do you know who is better than us? Our customers! We have the ideas, but more words, just look!

ARC`TERYX SoHo Manhattan! Do you think you know something about customers appreciation ideas? May be, but just look what those guys from ARC`TERYX SoHo Manhattan provided – DOUBLE CHEESE fountain stations facing SoHo Spring street Manhattan!

Do different!


Be the best!

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