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Giant chocolate fondue fountain? Really?

Hi, Chocolate New York!

Some one told you he had seen a giant chocolate fondue fountain? Really? Well, have a look at our regular one! I am telling you, we can impress! You know why? Because we are professional, dedicated chocolate madness Kings of New York! We are the BEST!

Charlie and Chocolate factory Broadway show, NIKELODEON, WeWork, UPS, CubeSmart, NYPD, UNICEF, John Jay College, Queens Community College, The New School University Center, St.Johns University, Rutgers, Untied Nation Plaza, Trump Tower, 10 Hundson Yards building, Tower 49 and many others, Guess who made chocolate at all these iconic places – us, CHOCOLATE TERRACE INC. Give us a call 718-682-1991 and we will make your event bright!

Get the BEST!

Be the BEST!

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Chocolate Terrace Giant chocolate fondue fountain

Book the Best of New York chocolate fondue fountains here

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Order your private S`mores station here

Amaze guests with your private Champagne Cotton Candy Bubble bar station here

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