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Chocolate Terrace INC for NJIT Martin Tuchman School of Management.

THIRTY TWO FEET LONG dessert station?! At NJIT Martin Tuchman school of management. Yes, We can do it!

Here is Chocolate Terrace INC and we want to show you the way any college or university should treat their alumni!

One day in May a phone call in our office:

-“Do you make the chocolate fondue fountains?”

-“Yes we do and we are the best in New York!”

-“Can you make for us a chocolate fondue fountain station for 150 guests?”

-“Sure we can!”

-“...we also want a S`mores Bar and a Cheese fondue station to be there with the chocolate fountain station!”

-“Piece of cake! We do it all!”

And here it is: A THIRTY TWO FEET LONG dessert station! Serving New Jersey Institute of Technology Alumni Reunion! With premium chocolate 44'' twenty pound full chocolate fondue fountain, fresh fruits, delicious treats, accompanied with one of a kind S`mores station with real S`mores taste and experience, all set a side with the veggies platters of our premium cheese fondue station with the Louisiana hot cheese and regular warmed up Land O`lakes premium cheese!

Is any one still sure that a regular grocery catering would be the best to treat your university, college or institute alumni? No way! Threat them as they should be treated, treat them like the best of the best, treat them like kings! And let your event be done by the real CHOCOLATE KINGS of New York - The CHOCOLATE TERRACE INC!

Think BIG!

Be the BEST!


Chocolate fondue fountain for NJIT alumni

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