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Hi, chocolate New York!

Missed us? And here we are! Try to guess what we have recently done for one of the famous and largest companies in the world which sauce you see every day on almost every table all over the United States? Yes, it is TABASCO by McIlhenny! Presented in Manhattan New York, new CHOCOLATE CHIPOTLE BBQ SAUCE by Cheff JEAN-PAUL BPURGEOIS. And this delicious sauce was run by CHOCOLATE TERRACE INC BBQ sauce fountain!

Aren't we cool? Yes we are! Because we are the Best and we do the Best jobs for the TOP GUYS of the United States and The New York City!

Right now we have just perfect warm and friendly New York summer days for having a small back yard party, or a pool party and most of them include BBQ! Yey!

No more boring BBQ sauce bawls! Just stop doing it the stingy way! Big warm hearts never run small! CHOCOLATE TERRACE INC is a BBQ sauce fountain number one must have caterer of New York! From 18'' small BBQ and Buffalo sauce fountains to 44'' Big BBQ sauce fountains you are welcome to rent them all! This is the way real BBQ must be done! And this is how the BIG NEW YORK GUYS DO IT!

Check our BBQ and Buffalo sauce rental packages for New York, New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut! Get our BBQ founatin and show rich flavour for sausages, steaks, ribs, chicken wings, meatballs, potato wedges, kielbasa, tater tots, hot-dogs, bacon wrapped chicken bites, cocktail wieners, cheese cubes, quesadillas and bacon sandwiches! Since than, BBQ and Buffalo sauce will never be boring again!

Amaze your friends and Make your event plentiful!

Be awesome!

Be the best!

And go BBQ!


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