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Chocolate Terrace Inc at Steiner Studios New York!

Yesterday we were serving an amazing place: Steiner Studios New York! The situation when “Best chocolate fondue production factory” was invited to be a sweet chocolate part of the event hosting by State-of-the-art “production factory"!

Chocolate Terrace Inc presented our premium chocolate at the largest and most sophisticated studio complex outside of Hollywood! And it was a success!

Do not even ask who is the Best Chocolate fondue fountain company in New York, because we are the Best! Everybody knows that dialing our phone to invite us to be a part of their event!

So plan your event the New York style! Treat your guests like the kings! Make your customers appreciation, grand opening, new product launch with Chocolate Terrace Inc! Different packages for different budgets, from small up to 20 guests for $129.99 to big up to 1000 guests! We do them all!

Keep Style!

Go Big!


Chocolate Terrace Inc at Steiner Studios New York

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