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New York Halloween Boo!!!

Hi, Chocolate New York!

Hey, it is almost a Halloween day! Boo! We have these two extremely busy full of chocolate fondue fountains and S`mores weeks for CHOCOLATE TERRACE INC here in New York! We traveled a lot making our beautiful premium chocolate fondue stations all over the city!

This year we also carry the champagne golden fountains and our One of a kind Best New York style S`mores bar! We are busy, very busy and happy because we love-love-love the events and celebrations! We are busy making people happy bringing the warm smiles and the thick aroma of the Best Premium Chocolate to any of kind of event from Big-Big offices in Financial Districts to Small authentic coffee houses in SoHo!

Are you anxious about holidays as we are? Waiting for Halloween as well? Yay, we know you are waiting for it! And we promise it will be great this year! Invite us, and join our Halloween SWEET parade!

Halloween in New York with Chocolate Terrace INC

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