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An Independence Day is on the way!

Hey, today is Sunday and it is the last Chocolate Sunday of June 2019! Next one will be in July, but it will be a different story, a July Chocolate Sunday. Today we remind you about our Chocolate fondue fountain Discount Code - “HOTSUM” to use! Pay less with CHOCOLATE TERRACE INC only! Save money on chocolate fountain rental order and spend them on something else! Count on Discount!

Last two weeks were very busy with our favorite SWEET 16 events! We love making chocolate fondue fountains at SWEET 16, as it is always so full of Life, Smiles and Fun! Guess why we are so busy? Because we are the BEST CHCOLATE FOUNTAIN COMPANY in New York! We have Quality, Style and Name! We run the RIVERS of PREMIUM CHOCOLATE!

An Independence Day is on the way! Right behind the doors! So Manhattan be ready as CHOCOLATE TERRACE INC is involved in a long line of office employees appreciation parties! We will make it all SWEET! Ice cream sundae, chocolate fountains stars and stripes all together! Too long to wait!

4th of July with Chocolate Terrace INC

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