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New York, gets Real S'mores!

Welcome to 2018! And it started cold, I mean COLD-COLD!!! It is 19F outside and going to be 14F night time! But do not let the cold weather make your days boring! CHOCOLATE TERRACE is here to make any day or night warm for any New Yorker with our Open flame Hot, Real S`mores stations! Welcome new packages of S'mores bar rental for New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Connecticut!

Are you having a party and want to amaze your guests? Cake? Boring! Huge Cake? Boring! Get S'mores instead! Be different! Amaze! Real S'mores bar delivered and set up for you at any location! We do it! CHOCOLATE TERRACE! The company which can make any winter day sweet and warm with the S'mores bar starting just for $299,99! Yey!

S'mores station is the best options for any office happy hour or employees appreciation, Grand opening, customers appreciation! Get S'mores station for our favorite Sweet 16 and Quinceanera! Rent your own S'mores bar for Wedding, Birthday party, Baby showers and more! We bring c S'mores bar to your office, hotel, banquet hall, private house set it up and it is all yours for 3 hours of use! Real S'mores, Clean and Fast service, warm atmosphere and happy friends that's what you get with our S'mores bar rental!


Make your guests happy and smiling!

Go S'mores with the CHOCOLATE TERRACE the CHOCOLATE KINGS of New York!

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